Talk4Writing: Storytellers, puppeteers and writers in Year 2!

Our Year 2 class have been busy inventing their own stories over the past month, thanks to their shared Talk 4 Writing text: “The Papaya that Spoke”.
Notice in the video how students learned and played with the original story with the use of actions, intonation and a home-made puppet show. All of this rehearsal enabled students in the class to explore the shared text and build confidence in retelling the complete story.
This confidence was essential for children to begin adapting the text for their own writing. By changing settings and characters, children were able to create an entirely new version of the story, complete with a surprise ending!  Click on ‘Read more’ to read some of the stories.

By using Talk 4 Writing to build their understanding and confidence, children quickly become more confident writers. The original text is used to model effective structural and linguistic techniques, which children can apply in their own work. A child’s knowledge of the text also allows them to write freely and with enthusiasm, as they try to fill their new story with creative details of their own invention.
Please feel free to stop by the Osprey Classroom to read more of the exciting titles.

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