Talk4Writing: “The Day we made Muffins in Junior Kindergarten!”

Children in our JK class have been using Talk 4 Writing to share the fun activities taking place in their classroom. And what a lot of fun they’ve been having!
In JK, the shared text was a recount of an exciting morning of baking! As you can see from the video, pupils were excited to share the details of the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins that were made during Miss Lauren’s visit.
The structure of this recount modeled how to introduce an idea to a listener. It then moves on to sequence the memorable parts of the event, giving specific details where relevant or exciting.

Having learned this text and shared it with neighbouring classes, the JK class created a new recount for anther exciting day – “The Day we visited the Vet!” By adapting the original text, children helped to create an entirely new text that featured many of the interesting details of their school trip, including how brave a dog was while receiving its shots!
In this context, the Talk 4 Writing approach is great for sequencing a child’s memories and encouraging them to elaborate on the things they noticed and enjoyed.
Great job, JK!

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