There’s something fishy going on in SK…

It was a first time experience for many of the Senior Kindergarten class last week when Miss Laranda showed us something quite unique.  After learning all about South Caicos and the other islands in the Turks and Caicos, Miss Laranda gave us an amazing insight as to how local fish make it from the ocean on to our plates.

Miss Laranda brought in a grouper caught in South Caicos by her father and set about the process of making it into fish fingers.  Using the newly refurbished school garden, Miss Laranda thoroughly cleaned the fish, sliced off the skin and took the opportunity to show us the different parts of the fish.

The children were particularly surprised when they were shown the fish’s gills and told this is what they use to breathe.  Next, Miss Laranda fleeted the fish (for those that aren’t fish experts, fleet means to separate the meat from the bone!) and cut it into slices.

Senior Kindergarten then got a chance to get their hands dirty!  They added water, lemon and vinegar then seasoned it before adding it to oil to be cooked.  As the pictures show, we all really enjoyed the fish fingers and couldn’t believe the journey from ocean to plate.

Thank you Miss Laranda for such an amazing hands on lesson!

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