Talk4Writing: Toddler Storytellers are Going on a Bear Hunt!

In Toddlers, the children learned a shortened version of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. Children explored the settings of the story through sensory activities and made visual prompts to help them recognise each part of the adventure. As you can see from the video, the combination of visual prompts and actions leads to powerful results in our pupil’s speech. Even at this early age children can sense the excitement and emotions of a story and can vocalise this in their own retelling. Their facial expressions, actions and body language tells just as much of the story as the emerging language that they share!

Talk4Writing is a project that encourages children to share stories orally so that this knowledge and understanding can transfer into their writing as it emerges. Listening a wide variety of stories is wonderful, but actively telling them is incredibly powerful too…especially at this young age, where participation in stories remains such a strong instinct.

We hope you enjoy this video – share it far and wide! Well done Mrs Rachel, Ms Shara and Mrs Bonita…and all of our Toddler storytellers!


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