What is our Personal Growth, Growth Mindset and Mindfulness Curriculum all about?

Our Professional Development teacher training at the start of this year focused on the development of our Personal Growth, Growth Mindset, and Mindfulness Curriculum throughout the school.

We are excited to share a little more about this and why we believe it’s an important part of our students’ education. So what is Personal Growth, Growth Mindset and Mindfulness all about …




Personal Growth

We see Personal Growth as a combination of nurturing our children’s passions, interests, talents, skill development, healthy bodies and healthy minds. Our children are encouraged to share their personal interests, reflect on their goal setting and skill development and be responsible for caring for their minds and bodies.

Growth Mindset

Having a Growth Mindset in simple terms can be considered to be the hardwiring of a child’s brain. If children enjoy and have a positive attitude towards learning, they will learn more naturally and easily. If they BELIEVE they can do something, this leads to ACTION, which in turn leads to GROWTH. Understanding that the brain is neuroplastic and grows stronger through use, just as muscles develop when used during physical exercise, empowers children to have ownership over their own learning and brain development.


If Growth Mindset is the Hard Wiring of the brain, then Mindfulness is the softwiring.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that creates space between an action and a reaction.

Through Mindfulness, children improve awareness, attention, focus and learn to limit distractions.

When our mind gets carried away with the “what if’s” we stop, breath, and respond rather than react.

By introducing a daily PAUSE, we encourage children to consider the following:


P          Pause, Plan, find Purpose, Reflect on their Personal Choices and Growth

A          Attention, Attitude, Admire,

U          Understand, Uplift

S          Smile, Set intentions

E          Exhale, Encourage, Engage, Emotions, Empathy, Environment

Children learn about the different parts of the brain and the role each part plays. They understand, for example, that the Amygdala is the area responsible for our fight or flight response and how we can control our feelings and reactions through awareness of what’s going on in our mind and body.

All of the above isn’t something completely new to us here at Provo Primary and Middle School.  It all builds on our core philosophy and on the successes of our MindUP programme and Learning to Learn activities in previous years.  We are passionate about all aspects of education and this very much includes helping our students develop skills that will support their life-long personal, social and emotional well-being.

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