Y3 are getting all fired up!

What a great way to start the new school year by looking into how our brains work, and how we can make it work even better for us!

To remind us that our brain sorts out all of our ‘thoughts, memories, actions and feelings’ we created our own model brains to share with you – take a look at the photos.

Did you know that our brain has over 86 billion ‘neurons’ that help us to connect our learning? When these connections are made, we call it ‘firing up’!

We learned some tricky words along the way as well as how certain parts of our brain work for us. For instance, our brain has a ‘hippocampus’ (like a hippo going camping); this part is like our library, where we store all of our information. Our brain also has an ‘amygdala’ this is like our guard dog, it alerts us to any danger but also, if it is kept calm and happy it sends all the information to the PFC (prefrontal cortex) – now try saying that 3 times quickly! The PFC helps us to focus, analyze and figure things out before the information gets sent to the hippocampus. So, we learned we have to keep our amygdala happy and healthy to keep on learning and making our brain grow!


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