Year 1 Cuisenaire Face Challenge

As best as our young Year 1s can, they are facing all the challenges of remote learning with a smile of their face and growth mindset! It certainly looks like they enjoyed using resources from their home learning packs to enhance their remote learning experience.

Using Cuisenaire rods in their pack, their challenge was to make a face. They then they took a photo of it and added it to their Seesaw journal to share with their teacher.   

As an extra challenge, they were asked to find the total value of the Cuisenaire rods used for parts of their face, with the white block being worth 1.  Some big calculations for Year 1 for sure!

Well done Year 1… keep using your home learning pack resources to support your learning and like your Cuisenaire face, meet challenges with a positive “I can…” smiley attitude!

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