Year 2 & 3 Take to the Ocean!

Land Ahoy!

Year 2 & 3 set out on an island-adventure last week – imagining they were exploring undiscovered lands. Year 2, as part of their topic on the seafaring history of the TCI, were ably assisted by their Year 3 friends in a variety of activities.

From keeping look-out for other pirate boats (most of which turned out to be tourists, but it’s always important to keep watch!) to mapping an uninhabited island, the children had a wonderful trip on our beautiful waters.

What a wonderful boat trip – filled with fun and exploration.



We were even lucky enough to watch amazing displays of the TCI’s beautiful wildlife. The highlight was a passing visit from Jojo and his friend! What a treat to enjoy watching wild dolphins playing with our boat. This excitement was followed by a diving display from pelicans and an amazing group of laughing gulls who followed our boat at touching distance for most of the trip – they looked a little disappointed that we didn’t feed them, we thought!





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