Year 2 take look inside the body…

Year 2 have been learning about the human body.

They chose different ways to share their understanding of what they know to be inside their body. Their use of labels is really helpful.

The children watched different versions of the skeleton dance and expressed which they preferred. They made their own videos too. These were shared on their class Seesaw blog so that children across the school could enjoy them.

Making x-ray skeletons with paper straws was tricky. Look for the details they have included…. can you find a skull, a femur, a tibia and fibia, a pelvis, a rib, a radius and ulna?

Watch the two versions of the skeleton dance below. What did you notice? Did you prefer one more than the other? Why?


  1. Varnett Lewis says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this. I am going to be doing “my special bones” next two weeks and I just got so many great ideas from this. Much appreciated.

  2. Miss Sian says:

    Good to hear this has inspired another teacher, Varnett. Thanks for letting us know.

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