Year 3 learn the importance of being a good Digital Citizen

Being a good digital citizen means being safe and responsible online. With our school learning at home remotely at the moment and using computers and tablets to help us, being a good digital citizen is more important than ever.

It’s a good job that e-safety has always been a big part of our school curriculum. The Year 3’s have already learned lots of skills in their previous classes.

It’s always good to refresh and update our skills though and the video below does this in a fun way. Click on to hear our Year 3 Digital Citizen pledges.

Our Year 3 have taken a pledge to be safe, responsible, and respectful when traveling through the online world – will you?

Keep track of how much time you spend online. If you lose track of time, you miss out on other activities like going outside with friends.

Always ask a grown-up before you go online. 

Keep your information private, like your name and address.

When you are online, talk only to friends you know. 

Which pledges do you think these drawings are trying to say?

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