Year 3s Fantastic Sensory ‘Rock’ Poems

yr-3-rock-poems-oct-2015 (5)What amazing creative poets we have in our Year 3 class. Click on to read a selection of their poems.

The Year 3s have been fascinated by studying rocks.  They have described rocks and compared their properties, doing some exciting activities and experiments along the way.

As part of their studies, they have each focused on learning about a particular type of rock.  They created these sensory poems to describe them.  Well done Year 3, you have used lot of imagery and descriptive language – very impressive!





Limestone, limestone everywhere!

The Year 3s have learnt about the formation of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks.  Did you know that the Turks and Caicos Islands are situated on an underwater plateau that rises about 10000 feet (3048 metres) up from the surrounding Atlantic Ocean sea floor?  And that with the exception of a few tiny sandbar cays, the islands have a soft limestone foundation.  All our cleared roads and land reveal the creamy white limestone that our island is made of.    Learn more about our local geology here.

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