Year 7 #mygrandturk video challenge – Please support this project

I was excited to see the #mygrandturk video challenge that has been advertised locally. A $1000 grand prize is being offered for the video that celebrates Grand Turk and gains the most YouTube votes.

I thought that our school had a ready-made celebration of Grand Turk and Salt Cay after our field trip in October. So I entered Provo Middle School right away!

Please support the school by sharing the link to our video with friends & family, or on your social media, asking everyone to support us by liking the video on YouTube. Only YouTube likes will be used to decide the competition winner, so we need direct clicks! Please share far and wide and request YouTube likes!  YouTube likes!

More information about the project & competition can be found here:

We have a great head-start on everyone else as ours is the first video submitted.

Thank you for our support – the $1000 grand prize could be put to great use to enhance our new school!

You may also wish to share the project and the YouTube channel:




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