Year 7 news from the Adirondacks

Year 7s from Provo Middle School have enjoyed a fantastic start to their residential field trip to Camp Echo Lake in the Adirondack Mountains.
A chilly first day was spent orienteering and kayaking/canoeing on Echo Lake. Children needed to apply a range of cooperation skills while they learned to read maps of camp or paddle their canoe together.
The evening was spent out in the woods playing games around a camp fire. Of course, children finished the day roasting marshmallows for S’mores.

On day two, children hiked Mount Hackensack, the local peak that looks over the nearby Adirondack region and Hudson Ricer.

On arriving back at camp, children again headed to the woods for games and a shelter building challenge. As it turns out, their design and build skills were perfectly suited to these thick pine forests – some of the shelters looked quite homely!

The day was rounded off with a night of bowling and laser tag in the nearby Lake George Village.

More updates to come as Year 7 continue their adventures in upstate New York.

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