Our Steel Drums Sound Sweet Again!

If you were not aware, our steel drums have been in need of tuning for some time and David Gettes has been down this week from Philadelphia to tune them for us.  David learned to play and tune steel drums with some of the best tuners in Trinidad.  He is an excellent steel pan performer and tuner!

During his time here, David has also worked with some of the steel band members, helping them to develop their playing technique.  He also did a presentation to the children, talking about the history of steel drums and answering the multitude of questions that the children wanted to ask.

We have a great band this year of young players who are well on their way to being ready to play out in  the community on the newly tuned drums. Listen out for us at the annual Fools’ Regatta in June, if not before!

Some of you may remember David Gettes coming to the island about 5 years ago to tune the drums.  He performed  at the school, along with the children, and also at Iguanas restaurant.

We have been very fortunate to have received financial assistance from Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund along with support from Mark and Barbara Pankhurst, from the Turks and Caicos Friends of the Arts Foundation (TCFAF), who very graciously offered him accommodation while he has been here.

We have really enjoyed having David here this week and we are very pleased that our drums are now a great deal more tuneful.  Thanks David and to everyone else who has helped make this re-tuning possible!


  1. Ms. Alison says:

    Super. Thanks David! Now we can get playing in the community again.

  2. Principal says:

    David passed on…”Sonia and I both wish we could have stayed longer and worked with the students more. They are delightful. I know I could do wonders with the steel band if i just had a little more time.

    Thank you for everything, especially for allowing me the freedom to work at my own pace, It makes such a difference.

    The posts on your site are very kind and meant a lot to me and Sonia.

    I hope we see you again soon and I have a feeling we will!
    All the best to you and everyone at Provo Primary.


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