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The steel drums are a much loved part of our school.  We currently have two after school steel band clubs.  In the club, the children learn how to play the drums and play tunes together.  They often practise during their playtimes and lunchtimes.  We have found some digital steel drums that you can play on the Internet.   Click on to find the links and have a go…These online drums allow you get a feel for the layout of the different drums and how it sounds.
They don’t quite feel the same as playing the real thing.  We play with two sticks and the mouse only acts as one.  Two sticks allow you to do a roll.  They are still lots of fun and our steel band players can practise their songs at home using these!  We hope you enjoy playing these digital drums.  Maybe they will inspire you to come and have a go on the real thing and perhaps even join one of our bands!

Play the Jumbie Jam online

This is a digital version of the from

Play the Double Second Pan
The offers a set of digitally recorded double second pans which you can play with your mouse.

Play the Tenor ( Soprano) Pan
This is a FREE application developed and offered
by Proudfoot Communications Ltd. in Trinidad
for you to download.

Download 1.02 MB in .zip format – check with an adult that it’s okay to do this first.

The Steelpan Tutor
A FREE teaching software to download that provides a foundation for persons who would like to learn to play the tenor (soprano) pan. Check with an adult before you download it.

You can even get an app for your Phone or iPod touch, named Kanube’s Steel Pan Drum!


  1. A says:

    Our school has a steel drum band too, and it has about 5o people. we have all different kinds of pans along with student piano players, gutair, etc. We even get to go to Orgeon Ridge to play at a festival! We sound so good and we have more pans than you guys do.

  2. Principal says:

    Thank you for writing a comment for us Abby. Wow 50 members – that sounds like a big band! We have 13 drums and a drum kit in all so are much smaller. Do you have a website where we can hear your band play? We would like to listen to you.

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