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David Gettes, steel pan builder, tuner and performer is coming to Provo on November 19th.


During his visit, David will be tuning Provo Primary School’s steel drums and working with groups of children from the school, showing them a little about tuning and developing their playing technique.

David will also be performing at various places around town during his short stay. He will be playing at Iguanas restaurant on Monday 20th November and at Providenciales Primary School on Friday 24th November. The Friday performance will be specifically for children and will involve a story telling session in addition to steel pan performances.

Providenciales Primary School Steel Band will also play at the Friday evening performance. An $8 entrance fee will be charged with light refreshments included in the price. We hope to have a lot of children come out to this event.

David will also be open for two more bookings throughout the week. All proceeds raised from these performances will help offset the cost of flights and new instruments for Provo Primary Steel Band.

David and Trinidad North.
Trinidad North Steel Band is a father and son duo. David is a master steel drum (pan) builder, tuner, performer, arranger and educator. Since 1985, he has built steel orchestra programs through out the United States and has won prestigious awards for the tonal quality of the drums he builds at his workshop in Media, PA.

Fifteen-year-old son Jeremy, now a tenth grade honors student, was born into a family of musicians with an immediately recognized gift for rhythm. Jeremy is a gifted and completely natural drummer with 11 years of formal percussion study to solidify his technique and develop his musicality. He continues to strive for a professional level rarely achieved by one so young.

The duo is extremely tight both personally and musically. They play songs in the soca, calypso, reggae, jazz, (Latin, and Afro-Cuban) popular and rock genres.

“The shear brilliance and shimmering charisma of the steel pan often overshadows the talent of the one playing it. But when the player’s musicianship bursts through to grab your attention, you’re delightfully awakened to the realization that something truly magical is taking place. When you then consider that the musician playing for you today actually built and tuned the instrument you are hearing, 100 percent by hand and hammer, it gets even deeper.”
Ron Kerns, Owner Panyard Inc. – World Leaders in Steel Drum Innovation and Technology.

Thank you

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from FOPPS (Friends of Provo Primary School) for their support in helping make this happen.

We are also extremely grateful to Barbara and Mark Pankhurst for offering David and his family accommodation and to TCFAF for donating $2,575 towards the cost of tuning and one new steel pan.

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