Y1 Celebrations

This half term in Y1 we have started our new topic “Celebrations”. This topic will help our Y1’s to have a solid understanding of the meaning, characteristics and purpose of different celebrations around the world.

Last week, we learned about the Hindu celebration of light “Diwali”. Y1’s explored the story of “Rama and Sita” and put on a puppet show to display their retelling skills and to show off their inventiveness. There were many fantastic home- made and hand – made lollipop stick puppets to represent each character from the story!

We looked at patterns in Maths and made connections to the Hindu rangoli patterns. Y1’s investigated and explored the outdoors gathering lots of materials to make their own nature rangoli patterns. I was very impressed with the wonderful, colourful and creative patterns that were created by the Y1’s. I saw intricate detail, symmetry and imagination is many of the rangoli pattern responses.

Y1’s also received clay in their weekly home learning packs so we each made a clay diya lamp. We worked on strengthening our finger and hand muscles using pinching techniques and rolling techniques with the clay. The hard work paid off as I saw so many pretty diya lamps produced by the Y1 dolphins! Well done everyone – what a super week of learning. I’m very excited to share with you our next celebration – Thanksgiving.

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