What’s on your mind?

Year 2 have welcomed in the new school by learning all about their body and their brain. So, what exactly does the brain do? Well, you only have to wander through our classroom to find out! As a get to know you activity, we explored the endless possibilities of ‘What’s on your mind?’ What do we think about when we are imagining, thinking, day – dreaming…?

Then, through songs and videos, we began to learn about the different parts of the brain and how they help us to navigate our every day to day life.

Interview any one of the year 2 children and they will easily tell what their amygdala, hippocampus or cerebellum does. Confused?! Check out our mind maps (literally!) to explain further what each part of the brain does.

We also created our own brains using cuisenaire, remembering all the different parts and where they went…

… and  explored the brain and other organs in our life-size human torso model.

We drew pictures of what we sometimes find ourselves imagining, thinking and daydreaming about in our heads. As you can see our thoughts are bright, bold and colourful!

We have also started learning about mindfulness and the reasons why it is important to be mindful.  Every day after lunch, we take time to PAUSE, and focus on ourselves, our bodies and our brains. Recognising how we feel is important as we can acknowledge those emotions and begin to understand how to cope with them or share with others how we are feeling.

Our brain is so impressive that we still have so much to learn and discover. We can’t wait to find out more as our topic continues!

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