I notice…I wonder…

Year 3 have once again been making mathematical explorations with the Cuisenaire rods. As we are looking at the Ancient Egyptians, we thought it would be an idea to build a flat 2D shape of a pyramid using the rods.

Once built, we observed and recorded what we noticed and what we wondered about our creations. These ideas were shared and discussed – check out our photos to see what original ideas we came up with!

We started to question… I wonder how many red/white/tan/black rods are in our pyramids? We first decided to make some estimates and then went on to figure out how many there actually were! Easy Peasy! We made some pretty good estimates and we used our addition and multiplication skills to help us count and total all the rods.

The next challenge was to calculate how many rods were used in the whole of the pyramid… now that took some time, but it was amazing to hear and see all of the math chatter and calculations going on. Well done Year 3 for persevering and sticking with it!

Later, we painted a pyramid to sooth our hard-working brains! However…We did go on to build 3D pyramids too.. but that is another story!

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