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Our Creative Curriculum Gets Results

Our creative approach to curriculum delivery has a track record of achieving the highest academic results for students. Children make excellent progress in all phases of their school journey; from Early Years to Primary and Middle School.

Our school leavers, whether leaving at the end of Middle School or Primary School, have successfully gained entry to schools with excellent entrance exam results.

In recent years, our Middle School has been commended for its delivery of English, Maths and Science by the new schools of our graduating students.

We are proud of the continued success of our Provo Primary and Middle School students, as they continue their learning journey.


Exam Results 2022

Coming out of COVID, we are proud of our Year 6 SATs retults  in Summer 2022.

Overall, 94% of students met the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics (Versus 59% in the UK).

  • 94% of students met the expected standard in reading (Versus 75% in the UK);
  • 94% of students met the expected standard in mathematics (Versus 71% in the UK);
  • 94% of students exceeded the expected standard  in grammar, punctuation and spelling (Versus 72% in the UK) ;
  • 94% of students exceeded the expected standard  in writing (versus 69% in the UK).

UK results released from UK Department for Education (DfE).

We are very proud of each of our Year 6 students and their personal achievements.  We know that they have worked extremely hard towards this goal and their efforts have clearly been rewarded.

Thank you and well done to Mr. John, our incredible Year 6 teacher, and to all of the teachers who have guided the children through their learning journey throughout the school.  We also thank all their families for supporting them throughout their primary years. Congratulations on a team effort of dedication, hard work, preparation, support and a belief in what you can achieve when you do your personal best!

Our Long-Standing Exam Success

Our successful entrance exam results year after year prove the impact of our outstanding curriculum!

100% of Year 6 students gained entry to their preferred school in the summers of 2021, 2022 and 2023. Congratualtions!

Our Middle School students have gained entry to prestigious schools globally; in Canada, U.S.A., UK and beyond. Whether our graduating Middle School students conintue their education locally or internationally, we have established an excellent track record of preparing them for success in their ongoing learning journey.

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