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School Supplies

Daily resources

Reading books, exercise books and text books are provided by the school, along with all other resources for learning. Digital accounts, such as our learning platform and other educational apps, are set up by the school upon enroling.

Classroom stationery is provided for in Early Years, Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2. Children in Year 3 - Year 9 should bring a pencil case with basic stationery such as pencils, a ruler, eraser, coloured pens/pencils. All children in the Middle School are required to have a scientific calculator for Mathematics and Science.


Book/Resource fee

In the Primary School, all school resources are provided under our one-off book/resource fee of $500. An annual book/resource fee of $500 is payable in the Middle School years

School Chromebook scheme

All children at Provo Primary and Middle School use Chromebooks for their digital learning. Chromebooks can be ordered through the school as part of our Chromebook programme. We order a robust device that is perfect for daily use by children.

Each child is set up with a Google account under the school's Google Education suite. This login provides a range of security features that help to ensure that our student's access to the internet and apps is secure.

Parents are welcome to purchase their own Chromebooks rather than a school device. By logging into their school account, a child's device will operate exactly like a school Chromebook.

Thanks to a generous donation by Beach Enclave, TCI, we also have a bank of Chromebooks for students to borrow. This ensures that all children at Provo Primary and Middle School have access to a device for their digital learning.

Beach Enclave
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