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Our Curriculum

Provo Middle School Curriculum Approach 2

Our modern and innovative Middle School curriculum places our students in the driving seat of their own learning.

We value all areas of learning equally. Our students are challenged to develop a broad set of skills through a balanced curriculum. Subjects relate to each other within carefully planned topics, encouraging shared skills and knowledge to emerge between subject areas. At Provo Middle School, we hope to teach students that the skills learned in one subject can often help them to succeed in another.

Learning is focussed on three main areas: Academics, Creativity and Personal Growth. Skills shared between these areas are developed through practical projects that require learning from multiple subjects.

We guide children's social, emotional and physical development. Students develop independence while understanding the world and their place within it. Children are taught to lead their own learning by developing a range of inter- and intra-personal skills.

Provo Middle School Multimedia Art
Provo Middle School Seed dissection

LEFT - Global Creation Stories Artwork - Year 7

ABOVE - Seed Dissections - Year 8

Academic achievement through engagement

Provo Middle School is an exciting, dynamic and fun environment, where students' skills develop and flourish. With a strong focus on topic-led, project-based learning that involves practical, real life applications, we not only see skill development but amazing academic progress too. By giving students relevant challenges integrated into their learning, we prepare them for the next steps of education and their life beyond. Since opening 5 years ago, we have established a track record of outstanding progress and results for our Middle School students.


Our topic based approach

Our project based approach connects skills across subjects so that children apply new learning in practical ways. We plan the curriculum holistically so that complementary areas of different subjects are taught simultaneously. In this way, the learning of new skills and knowledge is reinforced across subjects.

This cutting edge, unique curriculum ensures that we deliver learning with relevant resources and content.

Year 7 Topics

Year 8 Topics

Year 9 Topics

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