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‘A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.’
(The British National Curriculum, 2014)

The Curriculum:

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Our aim at Provo Primary School is to deliver Computing as a dynamic, exciting and creative area of learning. We believe that computing should be a subject that is aligned with ‘real-world’ Computing and reflects its incredibly important position in our everyday lives.

We strive to develop safe, responsible and competent learners who are creative, curious and logical as they navigate, investigate and contribute to the world around them.

Our Computing curriculum is organised into five main areas: Programming, Multimedia, Handling Data, Technology in our Lives and E-safety.

E-safety is an increasingly essential life-skill in our modern world and our school is fully aware of its responsibility in helping the children stay safe. E-Safety is partly delivered through PSHE and partly through the Computing lessons. It is sometimes delivered discretely but often addressed when questions arise during study of the other areas of Computing or indeed any other subject.

Computing is an integral part of cross-curricular teaching and learning at Provo Primary and, in particular, the STEM subjects of Science, Design Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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