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Welcome to Providenciales Middle School

Providenciales Middle School is an exciting, dynamic and fun environment where students' skills develop and flourish.

With a strong focus on topic-led, project-based learning we not only see skill development but amazing academic progress too. We aim to make the learning experience practical, filled real life applications, to give students hands on, relevant challenges. We believe this prepares them well for the next steps of education and their life beyond.

We pride ourselves in creating a stimulating, engaging and challenging skills-based curriculum, and have found that by prioritising skills, academic progress has increased as a direct result. Everybody knows that most learning is best achieved through doing - If we can experience something, whether at school or in the community, that is always our first choice!


Skills are the currency of the future

Skills are very much the currency of the future. For over two decades universities and employers have been asking for new recruits to be mentally resilient; to be able to adapt; to problem solve; to communicate efficiently and effectively; to be both independent and able to work well in a team; to be informed; to be competent digital citizens; to show empathy and patience - and education has been slow to respond.

At Providenciales Middle School, we place these experiences at the heart of our students' learning experience. Our curriculum is designed to support the development of confidence, compassion and skill and knowledge.

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